Cyber security performance management

To effectively manage the performance of your organisation’s cyber security program, reducing cyber risk requires broad measurement, continuous monitoring and detailed planning and forecasting.

Product range:

BitSight offers Security Performance Management (SPM) solutions which help security and risk leaders take a risk-based, outcome-driven approach to managing the performance of their organisation’s cyber security program. As part of BitSight's range of SPM solutions, you can receive your rating details for 30-days and the following features:

  • Quantification of cyber risks via generating ratings and grades
  • Indications of vulnerability and recommendations of actions to boost defences
  • Benchmarking cyber security performance against your industry
  • Reports to inform Board on security progress
  • Complimentary telephone-call within 30 days to discuss and answer any questions about your rating


“Nearly two in five (38%) of enterprises admit that they have lost business due to either a real or perceived lack of security performance within their organisation.” – Forrester Consulting Survey, commissioned on behalf of BitSight (2019)

The benefits of BitSight’s SPM offering include:

  • Assessing relative security performance in context
  • Creating informed improvement plans
  • Effectively allocating limited resources
  • Efficient prioritisation of security efforts
  • Measurement and reporting of outcomes


Your special offer

As an Allianz customer, you can access your organisation’s cyber security rating from BitSight and receive:

  • A complimentary 30-day trial of the BitSight platform*
  • On demand learning modules
  • Complimentary telephone-call to discuss and answer any questions about your ratings

BitSight Technologies contact information

Allianz clients are entitled to a complimentary trial access of BitSight’s platform*. To receive your complimentary BitSight rating, please click here to complete the web form.

111 Huntington Ave,
Suite 2010,
MA 02199

*The services listed are available to you, as an Allianz customer, on a complimentary basis for 30-days. Once your request is submitted via the web form, please wait up to 3-5 business days for a login email from BitSight inviting you into the platform to learn more about your organisation's security rating. Please note that access is subject to change and may vary depending on specific circumstances. During and after the 30-day trial period, you may engage BitSight directly if you are interested in continuing the service with various SMB focused offerings.