Use our business impact assessment (BIA) tool to get an idea of what elements of your business might be vulnerable to interruption. These learnings can then be factored into your business continuity plan (BCP).

Step 1: Identify scenarios

Consider what might cause disruption, extra expense or damage to your reputation.

Step 2: Estimate impact

Ask yourself how long it would take for the scenario to start having a negative effect.

Step 3: Address risks

Implement measures to reduce the likelihood and potential impact of interruption.

Important notes about the Allianz business impact assessment (BIA) tool:

We accept no liability or responsibility for any actions that might be taken due to reliance on the content within this tool. The 'results' should not be seen as a recommendation and have no effect on any past, existing or future insurance policy that you might have with Allianz Insurance plc.

Allianz does not have access to any data that might be inputted by a user during completion of the business impact assessment.

Additionally, we are not responsible or liable for third party content that is recommended or linked to.