We can offer covers for all sorts of commercial operations

From the manufacturer to the retailer, the fleet that goes between them, and the garage that services those vehicles, we have products and services that may help.

Small businesses

You've worked hard to grow your business; let us help you safeguard it.

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Larger businesses

Get protection for your people, property and liabilities and keep moving forward.

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Popular products from Allianz Insurance

Our propositions are shaped to meet the unique needs of your business with a wide range of covers and additional benefits that will help you avoid and endure any bumps in the road on your business’s journey.

Specialised insurance from Allianz

Allianz Engineering Solutions

Find market-leading insurance products and inspection services for machinery, construction plant, electronic equipment and more.

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Premierline Business Insurance Broker

Get help arranging the right insurance solution for your business with an award winning broker service.

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Allianz Legal Protection

Protect yourself or your business against possible future legal costs, or arrange 'after the event' insurance to pursue a claim.

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Need to make a claim?

Find out what information we, and your broker, will need and how your claim will be progressed.

Business benefits and tools from Allianz

Motor Insurance Database

Make sure the details and records for all your vehicles are up-to-date and compliant.

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Employer's Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)

Submit information to the Employer’s Liability Database, an online enquiry facility.

Provide policy data

Benefit from using a BIBA broker

As professional financial service advisors regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), you may wish to consider the benefits of using an insurance broker to arrange suitable protection.

Brokers are professionally trained to give advice. By comparing product features and prices from specialist or general insurers that you may not be able to access directly, brokers give you clear information and choice on cover as well as support on risk management and claims.

Find a broker

Get more information on the benefits of using a broker and help with finding one.