Our Approach

Trust, integrity and shared responsibility

We are committed to operating as a responsible business, taking into account the impact of our activities on society and the environment. We recognise that for our business to continue to grow and be profitable in the long-term it must be sustainable. We therefore have a shared responsibility to address the key environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues relevant to our business and stakeholders.

Our social responsibility strategy aligns with our business mission to be the outstanding competitor in our chosen markets by addressing the four major priorities, which we believe will make a positive difference to our customers, our employees, the environment and the communities in which we operate:

Serving our customers

By putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, we aim to meet our customers' immediate and future needs, and build relationships with that are based on trust, so that they recommend us to others.

Valuing our employees

By engaging our employees, enabling them to develop and offering them career opportunities, we aim to be a great company to work for, which delivers outstanding and innovative products and services to our customers.

Supporting our communities

By working with the right organisations to challenge the environmental and social issues that impact our business we aim to bring about positive changes for the communities in which we operate.

Protecting our environment

By reducing our use of natural resources in both our business and our supply chain we aim to reduce our costs and our impact on the environment.


We believe that contributing to business success, protecting the environment and making a positive contribution to society is every Allianz employee’s responsibility and that responsible behaviour should be ‘business as usual’.

However, for everyone to play their part, we need direction and leadership.

Overall responsibility for Social Responsibility lies with the Marketing & Brand Director, who reports directly to the General Manager (Commercial & Personal). The Allianz Insurance Management Board routinely discusses SR issues affecting the Group and conducts an annual review of performance and future strategy.

The SR Manager is responsible for setting the overall strategy, implementing initiatives and reporting performance to the Marketing Director and the Management Board.

In addition, a SR Steering Committee comprising senior managers from each of the major business divisions has been established to ensure the SR strategy is embedded in the business. The committee meets not less than 3 times a year to review progress against the strategy and to identify future risks and opportunities. The Committee is chaired by the Marketing Director.